Ruzizi Lodge

Ruzizi tented lodge 02The new Ruzizi Tented Lodge opened in November 2012 is tucked away in the Riverine forest on the edge of Akagera’s largest lake. This small private camp offers seven en-suite tents dotted along the forested lake edge, sheltered by large trees and swaying palms. The tents are spaced side of a thatched reception area with a lounge, bar and dining room. Each tent is accessible by a wooden boardwalk from the reception. The camp is entirely powered by solar, with a solar hot water system.

About the lodge

Ruzizi Tented Lodge was started in January 2012 and completed for opening in November 2012. This tented lodge is the first of its kind in Rwanda, although a well proven concept elsewhere in Africa. Ruzizi is built on the forested shores of Lake Ihema, Rwanda’s second largest lake.

With only 7 tents, a maximum of 14 guests, the camp is a quiet an intimate retreat. Each tent has its own en-suite bathroom with hot and cold running water, a dressing area and either comfortable queen or ¾ twin beds, with a private patio at the front.

A thatched central lounge/dining area is accessible by boardwalks from each tent. And a large deck under a shaded fig tree overlooks Lake Ihema, with a fireplace for cooler evenings.

Entirely powered by solar, the lodge prides itself on being environmentally aware.

Check in is at 2pm, earlier check-in may be possible by prior arrangement.

Check-out time is at 11am on the day of departure. It is possible for the lodge to keep your luggage in a safe place if you wish to collect it at a later time however we ask that you please vacate the room by 11am so it can be cleaned. Please make prior arrangements for any late check-outs.

The tented lodge is entirely powered by a solar system. The lights, fridges and kitchen equipment, water provision and heating, and any personal electrical items you plug in are powered by solar. The system was custom designed to provide enough power for 3 days of autonomy at full occupancy. While we encourage you to enjoy the lodge and take advantage of the clean power to charge any electrical items, we also ask that you be conscious of your power usage by not leaving lights on unnecessarily, or leaving fully charged items plugged into power points.

Water is heated using a solar hot water system. There is an estimated allocation of 40L of hot water per person per day, which should be sufficient; however we ask you to please be conscious of your water usage, particularly hot water, and do not leave taps on unnecessarily.

Water is pumped, using solar, from a borehole. Although it has been tested and is safe for human consumption, we recommend you do not drink water straight from the tap. A bottle of drinking water is provided for you in your room daily. For brushing your teeth and washing the tap water is fine.


Children are welcome at Ruzizi Tented Lodge at any time; however we will be holding special package deals for families and actively encouraging families to visit at certain times of the year, so please keep an eye on our website for details on these.

Children must be accompanied by adults at all time during their stay. Due to the situation and design of the tented lodge, it is essential that children are not left unattended. This policy applies to all children from 0 up to and including 12 years old.

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